Bishop Joe Vasquez Addresses

2003 Christmas Banquet

      Auxiliary Bishop Joe Vasquez addressed the 210 guests at the annual Bay Area Serra Club Christmas Banquet honoring priests and religious that was held at Mary Queen Church in Friendswood on December 19th.
      The bishop thanked the Serrans for their work in fostering vocations, and then explained his concept of a "collaborative ministry". He said that priests should not be the solitary source of every parish decision. Bishop Vasquez reminisced that when he was first ordained, he considered himself a "super priest" who was able to handle everything himself. He quickly realized that this was well off the mark, and although he was important, not everything depended on him. "Good advice is necessary", he said, and the best way to run a parish is to involve the parishioners in parish decisions. Good advice involves finding true solutions, rather than listening to those who say what they think you want to hear. Bishop Vasquez said that if parishioners maintain a vital role in church business, the church would be successful.

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