Monsignor Frank Rossi's Address

2004 Christmas Banquet

     Monsignor Frank Rossi, Galveston-Houston Archdiocese Chancellor, gave an inspiring talk on priests, and that they should try to become all that they can be.
      Monsignor Rossi used examples from his Chicago grandparent's home, which had three distinct levels. On the first level he saw well-worn objects of his grandparents, who were attentive to their garden and home. These old, worn objects were kept because they were "good enough to work in".
     The second level, the main floor, contained furniture that was "good enough" to use every day.
     The third floor contained the precious and expensive objects. This level always fascinated him. There he found his grandmother's wedding gown and mementos from his grandfather, who served in WW I.
     He then told his brother priests that they should always aim at reaching their goals at the highest level. He said he is now a priest because an attentive priest invited him to consider life in the priesthood. He took the challenge and entered the seminary at the age of 18.
     After four years, his bishop told him that he was being sent to Rome to study. "But I'm not smart enough, and I don't speak Italian", he protested. The wise bishop told him that he would learn how to be smart, and that he would learn Italian. With this challenging encouragement, he was able to reach out and successfully complete his studies.
     In the same way, while overseas, he was able to reach out on a greater and unexpected mission. He lived with a group of volunteers in India among the poor to raise money for Mother Teresa's order.
     Monsignor Rossi challenged his priests to "reach out" so that they could attain their highest level of God-given talents. In this way, priests can be of greater service than they could have ever been.

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