Bishop Joe S. Vasquez's Address

2008 Christmas Banquet

Club president Mike Montz introduced Bishop Joe S. Vasquez, who thanked the Serrans for the wonderful meal and all the wonderful and necessary work they do in the Archdiocese. Bishop Vasquez then told about how he joined a gathering of eight young men at an Andrew Project meeting where the question was asked, “Why did you want to become a priest?” The overwhelming response was “To celebrate the Eucharist.” This was very important to them.

When the discussion then turned to when they felt the invitation or calling to become a priest, all but one said that they experienced the call during Mass.

The Eucharist continues to be the way we encounter Christ, for when united with Christ and each other we understand the church and ourselves, and it is through the Eucharist we continue to be renewed and refreshed and strengthened.

The Holy Father, Pope Benedict, said that the center of every Christian community is the Eucharist. It is the source and summit of the life of the church. If we live the Eucharist we make progress in love of God and neighbor, and thereby contributes to building the church and its youth.

He also stressed that more Hispanic vocations are needed in this very large archdiocese.

In closing, Bishop Vasquez told of the recent funeral mass he celebrated for a lady who he had known for 30 years and who was very much a part of his priestly vocation. She encouraged and supported seminarians, and this is the type of person we need more of.

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