Daniel Cardinal DiNardo

2011 Christmas Banquet

In the 1950s, when Cardinal DiNardo was growing up in Pittsburgh, there was a religious order of priests who were sent out to preach conversion to the parishes of Western Pennsylvania. These priests were called the “Mission Band”. All these priests had a focus message. When giving retreats a focus is necessary. Three of these focuses were respect the holy name of Jesus, get to confession more frequently, and show reverence when receiving the Blessed Sacrament. These priests never got off stride as what their focus was. This is an analogy of what the Serra Club is all about.

A Serra Club is a Mission Band focusing on priestly and religious vocations in our local church. This focus consists of prayer for vocations to the priestly and religious life. If you don't like doing this, you should not be in Serra. If you do like doing this you should never lose your focus of praying and working for vocations.

This makes those in the archdiocese, including priests and religious, how mindful this work must be.

The cardinal told about a person who was discouraged when he received many replies of “no” when he asked young people if they ever thought of the priestly or religious life. He was feeling tired, down and embarrassed and asked, “What should I do?” The answer was to just go out, find another young person to ask, and to never give up asking.

Asking “Have you ever thought of serving God as a priest or religious?” is a marvelous question.You will never run out of young people in the archdiocese, there are millions of them.

If you feel down from asking, go to the Virgin Mary, our mother. She is sweet and understanding, and we should always do that.

You should now never need to worry about unemployment in Serra.

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