Danial Cardinal DiNardo

2015 Christmas Banquet


“If you think the vocations work in our Archdiocese is over I have news for you said Cardinal DiNardo as he opened his remarks. We have much work to do. “

The message of Cardinal DiNardo clear and concise manifested his gratitude for the promotion of vocations work Serra has and continues to perform in the midst of the ever increasing population explosion in the Galveston-Houston Archdiocese.” I would open right now two new parishes if I had the priests” he added. As laudable as everyone's current efforts are the need for an increase in vocations presents a real challenge.

His expressed gratitude for the work of Saint Junipero Serra for his missionary work with the peoples of Mexico and California and to Serra for our current efforts was much in evidence but he also urgently exhorted to include something new to our present approach. We may update our present methods with a new technology and when approaching a suitable candidate ask the person:”   Have you ever considered becoming a Priest?”, or Have you ever considered becoming a Consecrated Religious?"

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