Joe McClane

KSHG 1430 AM Station Manager

2018 Christmas Banquet Guest Speaker

Joe McClane


Joe spoke about the origin of 1430 AM radio. An anonymous benefactor donated 1.5 million for the founding of a Catholic radio station in Houston. He said, if you ever tell anyone who I am you will not receive another penny.

Joe’s talk centered on St. Athanasius, who was born about the year 297, in Alexandria. He was known as the "champion of orthodoxy."

St. Athanastius' zeal for Christianity influenced many others. He had a great zeal for souls, which later influenced others who later became saints.

We live in a complex time, not a perfect time, and we should be the seed planted for the salvation of souls. Sanctity, like vice, is contagious. Be like the saints, do as they did, they never quit. If we drop the ball, pick it up again. Never quit.

What is going on in Houston and Galveston is awesome. We should be awesome. Never Quit.

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