Fr. Richard McNeillie

Vocations Director, St. Mary's Seminary

2019 Christmas Banquet Guest Speaker


Fr. McNeillie opened his talk by telling us that he fianally figured out what his office does. He said there are nany young people who reach out to the vocations office. They reach out to us and say they may have a calling to either thr priesthood or religious life. What we do then is to assist them in making the next step in discerning their relationship with Jesus.

Helping in discernment is to assist them in judging well and making the right decision to enter the seminary or other educational options, such as for young women who are thinking about becoming a nun.

The vocations office receives calls from all over. One call came from Oklahoma City, in which the young man said he had a calling to become a priest.

Serrans can assist and do assist. Fr. McNeillie said Serran's prayers for vocations do bring results. Currently there are 20 individuals who are planning to enter the seminary, and that number is increasing.

So prayers must continue. Keep up the good work,

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