Hector J. Ibarra's Background

Hector J. Ibarra is an established educational administrator who has served as an Area Superintendent of Schools for Houston Independent School District, and Superintendent of Schools for the San Benito Consolidated Independent School District, San Benito, Texas. Hector has Superintendent experience and certification, with an educational background in Business Administration.

Hector has well-rounded knowledge of all areas of the educational arena, with in-depth experience in Curriculum and Instruction, Personnel Management, and Business Operations. His strengths include creativity, with the ability to define a need, develop a concept and formulate a workable plan. Hector has a record of accomplishment in the recruitment, selection, and development of quality teachers and administrators from diverse ethnic backgrounds.


  • Conducted an administrators retreat to solidify the philosophy of his staff, ensuring that everyone was on the same page working toward the improvement of the delivery of instruction, the quality of the schools, and involvement of the parents and community in order to reduce dropout rate in the east area schools.
  • Completed and delivered instructional leadership training based on the work of Peter Senge and his work at MIT based on systems thinking, and learning organizations. Implemented Total Quality Management (TQM) training based on the work of Edward Deming for his staff. Completed training for all administrative staff on the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey. Recruited and secured the services of Dr. Irene Dunn, Princeton University, noted authority in "Learning Styles" theories. Through Dr. Dunn's training seminars teachers learned to utilize learning styles of their students to deliver initial instruction and skills more effectively. By utilizing and synthesizing all these strategies, administrators, teachers, community, and parents working collaboratively were able to:
    • Improve TAAS scores.
    • Increase student and teacher attendance while reducing dropout rate.
    • Decrease student violence.
    • Accelerate learning.
    • Actively engage the student in the learning process.
    • Enlighten parents about the personal skills of their children.
    • Magnet programs were planned and their implementation initiated.
    • PTA/PTO/PTSO programs were started on every campus.
    • Community workshops were launched to educate the public on the needs of the children including reducing dropout rate.
    • Monthly meetings with political leaders were originated to begin the discussion and planning on how to improve schools in a cooperative setting with the state and local political figures being actively involved in the process.
    • A significant number of school-business partnerships were established.
    • Downsized the central office staff by four administrators and three secretaries.
    • Reduced the cost of insurance to the employees and their families by $840 annually and to the district by $288 per employee.
    • Reduced the cost of maintenance and operation by 12%.
    • Raised all employee salaries by 4%.
    • All of this was accomplished and we were able to increase our fund balance from $3.5 million to approximately $ 8.2 million.
  • Created an open door policy that made all students, teachers, principals, parents, and the community free to talk with the area superintendent at any time, day or night. Visited high schools approximately forty times a year, middle schools thirty times a year, and elementaries twenty times a year. Attended and actively supported all UIL and extracurricular programs.

Hector is now president of his own Educational Consulting Company, Regina US Inc.
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