Come Follow Me

By Ian Barone
Holy Rosary School

         I think "Come Follow Me" means to stop worrying about earthly matters and follow Jesus' teachings and what He would do. He is calling on us to help, care, and love those around us. We should take up His cross. Not the physical cross as Christ did, but a spiritual one. This spiritual cross requires sacrifice. It may mean not joining a popular group and instead helping and befriending kids that need friends. It may also mean sacrificing a trip to the movies or a toy in order to give money to the poor.
          Following Jesus means listening to him when he speaks to your heart. He may call on you to be a priest or a nun, a loving father or a mother. Each is important in teaching Christ's ways.
         "Come Follow Me" also means to me to fill your heart with love and joy and share that with others. My little four year old brother, Sean, has taught me a lot about how to love like Jesus. He loves family, friends and strangers. Everyone is his friend. Sean's heart is always filled with happiness and joy. Sometimes adults look at him strangely and pull their children away because he looks or acts differently. He does not mind and holds no grudge. Sean has Down's Syndrome, but he has taught me more about the unconditional love of Christ than anyone.

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