Come Follow Me

By Michael Nguyen
St. Mary's School

         When Jesus says "follow me," I think about Jesus inviting me to be his follower. I need to learn how He lived and what He taught. I think of leaving all my sins and selfishness behind me. have to dedicate my soul to the Lord. I think of sacrificing most everything in my life. I think about following Jesus' footsteps and to do His good. Following God means forgetting about yourself and devoting your entire life to do His work. I believe God wants Hs followers to completely separate themselves from possession. If a person likes to own things he and she cannot devote one another to God.
         In the bible, one man asked Jesus how he was to follow Jesus. Jesus told him to go home and sell his property and give everything he had to the poor. The man withdrew because he did not want to give up all that he had earned. Another man asked Jesus how he was supposed to follow Him, and at the same time take care of his family. Jesus told him to leave everything behind and follow Him right away. The man quit, because he needed to solve his own problems first. These stories tell about people who refused to follow Jesus. These people have something in common: they love their possessions too much, and they don't want to listen to Jesus.
         To respond to Jesus I have to listen to his every word. I should not belong too much to my possessions. I must love God with all my soul, mind, and heart. I should be careful in the way I prize my possessions. God requires me to answer Him immediately. I should treasure God more than myself or my belongings. I will follow Jesus just like one of the twelve disciples. So the conclusion is to follow Jesus by exploring the vocation.

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