Come Follow Me

By Nathan Wleczyk
Holy Rosary School

         In the Bible Jesus tells us many times to follow Him. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John teach us in the gospels how to live the way Jesus wants us to live, and how to follow Him. Every day from the moment that I wake up until the time that I go to bed I must make choices between good and bad. Jesus lights the path that He wants me to take and I must follow Him. I must look for His light when I'm making my choices.
         When I wake up the first person that I see is my brother. Right away I have to make the decision to be nice and loving toward him. Then I see my parents and I must remember that I should obey them and honor them as the Ten Commandments tell me to.
         At school things might happen that make me mad and I must think about what Jesus would do. I need to remember that Jesus is always loving and forgiving so I must also be loving and forgive my friends when they make me mad.
         After school I like to play outside with my neighbors. Sometimes the other kids want to do things that I know are wrong. Even though it sounds like fun, I have to do the right thing and follow Jesus. I can try to imagine that Jesus is a neighbor friend and think about what He would do, and then I should do the same thing.
         At nighttime I say my prayers and ask Jesus to help me to follow Him. I need Him to help me make the right decisions. He gave me the Holy Spirit to help me follow Him. I pray for the Holy Spirit to lead me to God's light.
         Following Jesus sometimes seems really hard, but He gave us many gifts to make it easier for us. When I am making choices, I must think about my gift of baptism, reconciliation, communion and the Bible. God gave me these gifts so that 1 would follow Him.

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