My Mission for Jesus

By Brandon Cantu
Holy Rosary School, Rosenberg, Texas

        I began my mission for Jesus when I was born. I was baptized in the church with Godparents and all my family by my side when I was 10 weeks old. I was taught to pray at mealtimes and at bedtime. I learned to act good in Church, to be quiet and how to follow the liturgy at mass. I learned to pray the rosary and made my First Holy Communion in 2nd Grade.

        My mission is to always help the younger children in church and in school I will always behave with my best manners and show respect to my elders by being kind I will help the elderly to get around I always help my grandpa to stand up and to lean on me when he walks so he won't fall down. I pray to God that he will help him get his strength back in his legs. At Thanksgiving, we invite all our family and friends to join us for our big feast. Anyone that does not have a place to go for Thanksgiving is invited During Christmas, I try to help those that don't have food or toys for their children. We donate food, clothing and toys for the needy. In 3rd Grade, we wrote to Soldiers in Iraq and sent them our hopes and prayers. I pray for peace in the world and that the soldiers that are fighting for our freedom will return home soon. In 5th. Grade, we are helping raise awareness of the need for animals needed in 3rd World Countries. Heifers International buys goats for their milk and donates it to children for their good health.

        I try to spread the word of God by telling everyone that I am a Catholic and a Christian and telling them of my religion. I am an Altar Server at church and enjoy serving at mass. Our nun, Sister Annette, is the greatest example of a disciple of God Sometimes I attend the Spanish mass at my grandfather's church. I sit with him and he knows that I understand and know how to follow the mass. I want him to be proud of me. I want to spread the word of love and peace throughout the world

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