My Mission for Jesus

By Clement Anozie
St. Thomas More Parish School

        The call to the priesthood is a noble one. The call to this holy ministry is a privileged one. Not everyone can receive this calling. Families that produce priests and religious are regarded lucky and blessed

        I stared admiring priests when I was in kindergarten in Galveston Catholic school My Grandma reminded me of the day I came back from school and told her I would like to be a priest. I like the way they dress at Mass. I also like the way they talk to people, particularly children. The day I received Holy Communion in Nigeria, I felt like a whole new person, even though the feeling of becoming a priest didn't occur to me. Later on when I read at mass here in St. Thomas More School, and after hearing the priest preach and seeing what he does, I started having the feeling of becoming a priest. Once more I mentioned this feeling to my Grandma. She simply told me that we have to pray over it because becoming a religious of God is a vocation from God and requires prayers to enable me to know my mission for Jesus here on earth.

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