My Mission for Jesus

By Tyler Sowers
Seton Catholic Junior High School    

        "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me." Jesus said this to his disciples when his mission had begun. Jesus answered God's call to serve others and teach them about God's call to love others. People are still following Jesus' mission through the church.

        I am not sure what God's call is for me in the world today. When I was in third grade, I met a priest named Fr. Clint at St. Rose of Lima. He was interested in helping me become an altar server. I really looked up to him. I was disappointed when he had to leave St. Rose and go to St. Mary's Seminary.

        For the past four years I have been an altar server at St Rose of Lima Church. Fr. Jim, the pastor, has guided me toward being a priest. I have sometimes thought that maybe this is what God wants me to do with my life.

        When Jesus was growing up he did some of the modern things that I do today. He went to school, church, and played with his friends. As he grew up, he did not understand many things. He learned by asking questions, listening to others, and through his experiences.

        Like Jesus, I do not understand what God's call is for me yet. As I grow up I will pray and listen to the Holy Spirit to guide me. Hopefully it will guide me to what God is calling me to do. Maybe my mission for Jesus is to become a priest and serve others.

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