The Importance of Religious Vocations

by Mark J Hinkel
St Mary School, 3rd Grade, League City, Texas

          The importance of religious vocations our life and world are great. They give us our knowledge about Jesus. Our world would be a darker and more sinful place without them. With religious vocations our world is hopeful.

          Certain Nuns wear habits, a certain uniform, that stands out. It symbolizes that they have dedicated their life to God. Sister Maria Kolbe described them as “walking churches”. Nuns used to run schools and hospitals. Sister Camilla taught my Fist Communion and First Reconciliation classes. If she hadn't taught the classes, we wouldn't have known how to take the sacraments.

          Priest give Mass and administer the sacraments. When I was 5, I said, “ It must be so cool to baptize a baby”. Without priests we couldn't be baptized and join God's family or receive the sacraments.

          Wherever the Pope goes, hundreds of thousands of people want to see him. It would be inspirational to many people. I am grateful for the people that dedicate their life to God and hope more people will continue to do it in the future.             


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