The Importance of Religious Vocations

by Matthew Bach
St Anthony of Padua Catholic School Woodlands, 5th Grade     

           I think Religious Vocations are important because without priests we could not receive Eucharist and be healed of our sins and share our communion with God.

           Priests and Nuns help us continue to try to be the best Christians we can be through the Sacraments. In fact, we would not be able to receive any sacraments at all without our religious leaders!

           So, I think Religious Vocations are important because we need priests and nuns to give us Sacraments to keep our lives holy and happy. It would be very good for us to have more priests, bishops and nuns to make our church as strong as it can be. Priests and nuns devote themselves to the church. Because their focus is on the church they become experts in understanding what God wants for us. Then we can learn from them and have a better understanding of the Catholic faith.