The Importance of Every Small Dot in the Big Picture

by Alyssa Mahoney
7 th Grade John Paul II Catholic School

          There is a crisis in the Catholic Church today. There is a shortage of people who have chosen the religious life, such as a nun or priest. However, we must not confuse this statement with another—There is not a shortage of people who are called to lead their life in a religious vocation. There is an enormous difference.

          God planned everything that has ever existed, is in existence, and will ever exist, including every aspect of our lives. Our purpose in life was planned carefully by our Creator, and part of that purpose is actually figuring out what God's purpose is for us. Although each of us may seem like an infinitesimally small and unimportant part of God's big picture, it's all the small dots that come together to form something bigger in God's plan.

          Therefore, God knows exactly what each of us is supposed to do with our lives, but He gave us the free will on whether to choose to follow our true calling or not. This brings me back to my first point. God planned for there to be a sufficient amount called to a religious vocation, but many just refuse to stop and listen. Especially do young people in the United States today fail to heed to their true calling. Maybe this is related to the fact that less and less people are regularly attending Mass every week and holy days of obligation. Perhaps the desire to start a family has increased. Whatever the case may be, we must realize the holiness and importance of doing God's work as a daily part of life.

          “How do I know what my vocation is?” you may ask. First of all, pray to God for strength and guidance, and stop and listen to that tiny voice whispering inside of you. Secondly, God doesn't want to make you perfectly miserable. That's not why He sent His only son, Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our salvation. He wants all of us to enjoy what we do in life, so think about the things you're gifted at and interested in.

          I guess what I'm trying to say will best stated in a song by a popular rock band called Blink 182-- “Come here, please hold my hand, Lord, help me, I'm scared, please show me how to fight this, God has a master plan and I guess, I am in His demand.”