How Cool is it to be a Priest or Nun?

by Peter Hayden
St. Thomas More Parish School

          It would be cool to be a priest, because I would work for God. I could be like God's coach for the people here on earth. Also, I would learn to love God and others more. I could take the place of God at mass and that would be really cool.

          A priest is like God's coach to the people. The priest helps people by giving them the sacraments and that helps them be better Christians. Like in the NFL you are picked in the draft, and when we are baptized, the priest picks us to be on the Christian team. A football coach helps us learn to catch the ball, and the priest helps us learn how to catch virtue when he gives us advice in confession. A coach teaches us how to tackle in football, and a priest teaches us how to tackle sin. The priest helps us to get touchdowns too. When we receive the Eucharist we get a huge amount of grace, which is like a lot of points for us. Really, the priest, like a coach, helps us win the game, which is winning heaven.

          If I was a priest tomorrow, I would have the most fun saying Mass and listening to other people's sins and making them feel better by telling them that Jesus forgives their sins and Jesus wants them to be happy.
So it's cool to be a priest. A sports coach helps people be better at sports, but a priest helps people be better at the most important game: LIFE.


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