How Cool is it to be a Priest or Nun?

by Tori Cirillo
St. Ambrose School

          John Paul II SchoolThe reasons I think being a Priest or Nun is so awesome is because the fact that they help people so much. The biggest reason of why I think its so cool is because how much you have the chance to bond with God. Not everyone gets that chance. Some kids may want to learn more about God but they cant because their parents don't take them to church. Priests and Nuns help all ages. They go to nursing homes to read the Gospels and help the elderly and they go to orphanages and take their time to better educate the children that are in need of God. Priests and Nuns give up so much of their time and dedicate their lives to God because of how much they love him. They also help those that are sick or dying. They help the dying by reciting a prayer such as the Hail Mary. When kids see Priests in action it encourages them to also become a Priest or a Nun. It must be very sad to see people in pain so often, but they are doing the best they can to help them instead of leaving the sick behind. If you ask me all Nuns and Priests are very BRAVE! They are brave because when they see the hurt they stop and help them and don't give up their faith in God because of what they have seen. I saw a movie in my Religion class that was made to encourage people to join priesthood. It touched me soooo much! It even got me to thinking about becoming a nun. I think all priests and nuns deserve special rewards for their performance and their love in God. I use to have a nun as a teacher. She was honestly one of the best teachers I have ever had! She was very nice and helped me when I was in need.

           If you think about it, Priests and Nuns are not going out and partying with their friends, talking on the phone, playing on the internet, and that kind of stuff. I mean think about it, what good deeds are you performing by playing games?! (NOTHING). There are some fun ways of learning about God but its not by playing video games with violence!

          If you have not yet thought about becoming a Priest or a Nun I think you should at least put some thought into it. If you decide not to join priesthood, you should at least pray before every meal, go to confession, pray at night, and pray for the ill and dying and those in need of your prayers most! These are all of the reasons I think it would be AWESOME to join priesthood


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