What Would Mom or Dad say if I chose to go Into a Religious
Life for My Vocation?

Third Grade Winner from John Paul II School

My mom says I can be anything I want. I think I'd make a good Football player, or soccer player. I think God may be calling me to be a priest. Whenever 1 pray, asking God if He wants me to be a priest, I feel happy. I know You are calling me to be a priest. If I tell my parents, will You be there with me? I wonder what they will say. Will they be mad, or will they say are you sure this is what God is calling you to be? I know I could have a family. So I pray, is this what You really want to be?

The next morning I woke up. I went downstairs for breakfast. "Mom, dad can I ask you something?" "Sure," said mom. "Do you think I would make a good priest? " "Why sure, if that's what you think God is calling you to be, " said mom. "I know I would miss Christmas and all, but I think He is calling me to be a priest. "

21 years later. Here I am saying mass. I feel a hand touch my shoulder and a voice say, "You have done well. "

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