"What Would My Parents Think If I Became a Priest?

Fifth Grade Winner from St. Ambrose Parish

My parents would be very happy for me if I decided to become a priest. They would be most grateful that I am dedicating my life to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and they would be happy that I would teach people about God and give them the Holy Sacraments.

My parents would also be happy to know that I would be supporting a Church and Catholic school by celebrating Mass each week with the children. They would be proud to know that I would serve God by speaking His word to all who will listen. My parents would be proud to see me up on the altar leading the celebration and offering the Body and Blood of Christ to the parishioners.

My parent's would be proud of my studies and efforts to become a priest. They know that it takes long hours and hard work to learn about God so that I will be able to teach His word to others. I would have to fully dedicate my life to my work and would have to make sacrifices.

The only thing that would make my parents uneasy about my choice is that I would not have any children. They want Grandchildren and would be disappointed if I could not have them because I was a priest. My parents would be a little bit sad if I did not have children.

My parents would be very happy if I became a priest. They would be supportive of my choice to live a Christian life serving God. If I did decide to dedicate my life to God, I know that my parents would be very proud of me and would help me in anyway that they can. I will have their blessing and support in whatever I decide to do in life.

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