A Life of Contentment

Seventh Grade Winner from St. Helen's School - Pearland, TX

Ever since I was a little girl, my mom told me that to be truly happy; one needs to listen for God's voice in his/her life. God's voice will lead each one of us. Whether being called to be a priest or nun, getting married, or staying single, we will only find true contentment by following His call, in love.

When I asked my mom what she thought about me entering the religious life, a smile appeared upon her face. She told me that if I believed that it was my true calling from God that I should follow it, but only if I had discerned the call. An order I have considered is the Sisters for Life based in New York City, NY The sisters help mothers in crisis pregnancies.

For now, my vocation is that of daughter, sister, friend and student. Over the next ten years I am sure my life will involve many decisions. As long as I listen for God's voice in my life, I know He will lead me, and I will find true happiness in whatever path He leads me.

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