What Would I Do If No Priest Showed Up to Say Mass?

Third Grade Winner from St. Clare

Have you ever been in a church without a priest before? You just can't sit there for a day confused. God might be confused too. Without priests you wouldn't have a very good soul. I would feel sad and lonely without God.

There would be no baptisms. I would feel so bad for the people who planned baptism. If it were me I would not want to wait to plan another baptism and wait for a call back. I would be frustrated.

Another important job priests do is to perform funerals. If there were no priests therewould be no funerals. If I was invited I would be kind of happy because I truly don't likegoing to funerals. Certainly the family of the person who died would be sad, notincluding the kids. I still go to funerals because I care about God and Jesus. So I go tofunerals to make the family feel better and to celebrate the persons' life. Funerals are forpeoples' families who are left behind and toi remember and bless the person who died. Every person in the world would think, “Why on earth are we sitting here all alonewithout the center of the church, the priest..You can't receive the Eucharist without a priest because no one will be allowed to consecrate it. People would start mumbling to other people. Church would be a disaster.

Some people who go to church every day might not want to go back to church because there would be no priests! Priests are given special grace from God to consecrate bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ. If there were o priests how would people receive Jesus? People would start to get frustrated and start to pour out of the church.

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