What Would I Do If No Priest Showed Up to Say Mass?

Seventh Grade Winner from SHCS

If no priest showed up to say Mass, I would stay and meditate inside the church. I would kneel and pray the rosary solemnly. I will read the readings, the Gospel, and some parables from the Bible. I would reflect on what l read and would say a silent prayer to God. I would have a conversation with God and spend some time with him. I will thank him for all the wonderful things he has given to me. I will ask him to pray for my family to keep us safe from any harm or danger. I will also pray for the people in need right now that God will bless and help them. I will pray for the sick that God will heal and ease their sufferings. I will say a prayer for world peace that people will love each other. I will ask God for the forgiveness of my sins then will say my Act of Contrition. Lastly, before I leave the church, I will ask God to guide and help me continue to grow in my faith. Then I will leave in peace and be ready to love and serve the Lord.

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