What Does it Mean to Live My Faith?

Seventh Grade Winner from St. Pius V

Living my faith means putting into practice what is said at the end of Mass “This Mass is ended. Let us go in the peace of Christ to love and serve our Lord. It means having compassion for those with less and doing something about it – food for the hungry, learning for the illiterate, compassion for our aged and lonely. Living my faith is spreading the word of God to every crook and crevice of the world. It means using my God-given gifts and talents by being creative enough to come down to whatever level a person's understanding of our faith is. Only then will a window of opportunity open is a person's heart, mind, and soul to allow Our Lord Jesus Christ to enter.

True converts to out faith through such evangelization are the building blocks of our Roman Catholic Church. Having Christ's love and his peace in us allows us to practice our faith and serve Him. Each time we do He smiles because we continue His mission on earth.

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