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May 14, 2015

“Rejoice and be glad this is the Day the Lord has Made”

Father Howard Drabek our Pastor at St. Mary in League City opened his reflection at Mass this past Thursday April 23; I like to share with you some bad news and some good news this morning, the bad news: we will not be able to have Father Cahill occasionally celebrate Mass with us as often anymore, the good news: Father Cahill has been appointed by the Holy Father as the new Bishop of Victoria, Texas.

Since we were at Mass not a sound was made but you surely felt the roaring and happy approval of all those present that was authenticated at the end of Mass as we began the happy commentary on our way out of Church. The appreciation and love expressed for the recognition of Father Brendan was an overwhelming tribute for a great Priest who for some years, when needed, has come and happily assisted Monsignor Cargill and then Father Howard at St. Mary in League City.

No doubt the announcement of Father Brendan's appointment was received with similar enthusiasm and pleasure by his brother priests and the faithful of the Archdiocese as well as all members of Serra who have had thru the years so many wonderful interactions with him while Rector of St. Mary's Seminary promoting Vocations to the Priesthood and the consecrated Religious Life.

Father Cahill's love and devotion for his Priesthood is patently evident as he celebrates Mass together with his infectious smile and his every action has brought to everyone a deeper appreciation of him and our Catholic Faith.

A tribute for Father Brendan is going to be held with a reception after the 11 O'clock Mass at St. Cecilia's Catholic Church Sunday May 24.

Our Chaplain's Corner

Our pages will be graced with our Chaplain Father Benny's commentary in our next publication.

Where from… … Where to… .. How will we get there…… What will we do then…..

This year of 2015 has really gone fast, it is getting faster, or so it seems. Here we (maybe me) find ourselves almost at midyear, looking around asking what have I as a member of Serra accomplished so far in the promotion of Vocations??

A quick glance at the recent past will show the glorious event at the end of January when THIRTY-ONE men of our Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston were Ordained and became Permanent Deacons by His Excellency Daniel Cardinal Di Nardo.

The celebratory events in honor of that group of generous men who with support of their families answered YES to God's call to serve continues to this day in each of our parishes. Their presence has reenergized the life of our parishes providing the much needed support to our overwhelmed Pastors that everyone has felt and welcomed.

The presence of the newly Ordained Deacons has been noted at their assigned parishes and whenever possible Serrans should offer to help and assist them.

Relating to the newly ordained Permanent Deacons Jerry Schrader and your editor visited Deacon Bob Hebert and his wife at their home. Deacon Hebert was assigned to St. Clare of Assisi located on

El Dorado Blvd, where the Rev. Vincent Nguyen Quoc Vurong is the Pastor.

We had a most interesting and constructive visit with Deacon Hebert; Jerry explained the desirability and benefits of having Serra representation within the parish and suggested a membership drive. We also had a discussion for establishing some Vocations related activities at ST. Clare and offered help to Deacon Hebert to establish the Vocations Cross or other similar programs which can be established in conjunction with the Catholic School already in operation at the parish.

Our attempts to maximize the exposure of VOCATIONS at parishes where newly ordained Deacons have been assigned included our reaching to Deacon Andy DeYoung and Deacon Russell Carroll at St. Mary in League City, where a Vocation Committee has been “under construction” for some time and in need of some updates and repair to reinvigorate the promotion of Vocations that are so urgently needed.

We like to take a “new” look at our present activities in order to maximize our efforts and advise new initiatives associated with the Altar Servers, to honor our youngsters and to increase in every possible way their awareness to the priesthood and consecrated religious life.

The Ordination of the thirty one local men to the Permanent Deaconate and their assignment to parishes in the Galveston Houston Archdiocese provides a golden opportunity for EVERYONE to Initiate, or Increase the promotion of Vocations to the Priesthood, Consecrated Religious Life and the Permanent Deaconate.

The need is urgent and it will only be resolved when WE ALL pray and encourage EVERYONE else to likewise pray for Vocations.

New Initiatives

During a recent conversation with Al Stryk about Vocations related activities at St. Helen's Parish discovered the Traveling Chalice Program which is presently conducted at St. Helen Catholic School in Pearland. We learned Mrs. Kay Ann Kernek is in charge of the program at St. Helen's and graciously not only answered our questions about the potential implementation of the program but provided a comprehensive set of instructions for the program implementation.

These instructions will be provided to our members for study and potential implementation at some of the other parishes assigned to our Serra Club. These discussions should elicit the wisdom of Rodney Preuit since this program is being conducted at St. Mary's in La Porte. If appropriate we might invite Mrs. Kernek to come and share her wisdom with us at one of our meetings.


We are happy to welcome Lee Boler as a new member of our Serra Club of the Bay area and look forward to her initiation at a later date.

Other Activities

Vocations Activities Conference Call

A Conference Call organized by Judy Cozzens, Vice President of Vocations from the U.S. Council of Serra International was held this past May 5 aiming to gain information and ideas from various sources to improve our Vocation promotion mechanisms.

The five topics presented for discussion included:

-Traveling (Vocations) Cross Program

-Five Quick Tips for Getting H.S. Graduates College Info for Newman Connection

-Vocation Awareness Field Trips

-Prayer Initiative with Nursing Home

-Prayer for Priests Promotion

Few questions from the “Net Audience” about the topics above were answered by the presenters at the approximately one-hour long conference. The overall panel discussion no doubt will help improve our Vocation Promoting Activities.

Minutes of the Conference provide an excellent and comprehensive view of the proceedings which will surely enrich everyone's vocation promotion methodology. This item will be sent separately to our distribution.

Where to … from here?

The answer I am sure needs a bit of introspection from each one of us unique Serrans as we each in our best endeavors pray and seek to find new and numerous vocations. Faith without actions does not get it done so in addition to our prayers we need to act, and act decisively.

The fact I am writing these disorganized thoughts and you are reading them not only suggest but affirm our common purpose, to find new vocations. Circumstances suggest infinite ways to accomplish our goal; but these ways require the best effort of every one and I am confident and sure our work will get it done, as we pray for guidance and wisdom from the Holy Spirit.

In preparing to close and bid my hasta luego……. let each one of us continue to pray and WORK for Vocations as we go and look for the face of Jesus in one another.

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