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The Serra Club of the Bay Area

Oct 29, 2016

As we begin to enjoy a bit of coolness in the air we realize here we are finishing the month of October, boy time goes by fast when you are having so much fun promoting vocations to the priesthood and consecrated religious life.

Among the many blessings we have experienced recently heading the list includes the naming of Fr. James Courville our Club Chaplain by our beloved Cardinal Di Nardo on September 22. Fr. Jim replaces Fr. Benny our former Chaplain who was called back to his native India earlier this year.

We take this opportunity to WELCOME our new Chaplain Fr. Jim who is the Pastor of St. Helen Catholic Church in Pearland as we look forward for his guidance to intensify our efforts in the promotion and culture of vocations.


Just as the crisp cool autumn air is felt the efforts of recently initiated Serra members are beginning to make a difference in many of our vocation promotion activities.

St. Clare of Assisi

Luis Zepeda a member of the Vocations Ministry at St. Clare of Assisi was gracious to write:

"Under the leadership of St. Clare's Parish Pastor, clergy and support from the Serra Club of the Bay Area, a Vocations Ministry was initiated in the fall of 2015.  Since its
inception, the ministry has focused on broadening the awareness and importance of
growing and sustaining our religious vocations.  This ministry has benefited from the
leveraging of available resources at the parish, deanery, and diocesan levels. 

One key effort involved the development and deployment of St. Clare's Vocations
Travelling Cross Program for the benefit of St. Clare's domestic families, parish
family, and universal Church family.  As of September of 2016, the program was formally
introduced to the St. Clare parish family.  Efforts to sustain and to continuously
improve the program are key functions of the St. Clare's Vocations Ministry.”

St. Luke the Evangelist

Sheila Leahy one of our new Serrans has for some time engaged the parish administrators at this Parish to learn the status of their Vocations Ministry, for the purpose of ascertaining the possibility of increasing the promotion of vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life. Sheila has contributed to the Priesthood Sunday celebration for Pastor Fr. Guthrie that will be observed Sunday October 30.

St. Helen

Recently initiated Serrans are working to augment the “vocations friendly” atmosphere at St. Helen's Parish, home of our newly appointed Chaplain, Fr. Jim Courville.

At present there is a very successful Traveling Chalice program dedicated for the children at St. Helen's Catholic School. There are some thoughts about establishing an additional Traveling Chalice or Cross for families at St. Helen's to take home and pray for Vocations for one month. This program continues to be most successful at some of our parishes as families have the opportunity to pray at home with children, and especially those attending public schools.

Prayers used for the Vocations Cross Program have been enriched by the work of Dennis LeCompte, one of our Serrans, with excerpts taken from Father Brannen's ´To Save a Thousand Souls”. For convenience the prayers were translated and are available in Spanish.

Additionally there is interest in establishing an “Essay Contest” program that is designed to promote awareness for vocations for youngsters in the 4 th and 5 th grades of Catholic School Students.


The Myriam Dinner an event organized by the Office of Vocations is designed for young women in High School who are interested in religious life.  The program consists of an evening of prayer, dinner and sharing with religious sisters from around the archdiocese.

Father T.J. Dolce our Vocations Director for the Archdiocese with assistance of Sister Anita Brenek welcomed the attending young ladies and orchestrated the presentations by the representatives of various local convents.

For a number of years our club has supported this event where we become the providers of the dinner that this year consisted of delicious spaghetti, meat sauce, salad, drinks and dessert. The eats were prepared with the expert assistance of our brothers, the KC's, and served by our club members.

This year a good number of the New Serrans were eager to participate in this event and performed brilliantly, cooking, serving, cleaning and providing lovely smiles to all participants as indicated below:


* Note. Jerry Schrader, Andrew Arevalo, and Miguel Zamora were not available for this picture.

The dinner was held at Villa de Matel Convent (6510 Lawndale, Houston, TX 77023).

Other Initiatives

Christmas Banquet

As we approach Thanksgiving and beyond our club has changed to high gear to complete the planning and implementation of our Annual Christmas Banquet which will be celebrated Friday December 9.

Christmas Wreaths

Various members of our Club are busy working on this fundraiser the proceeds of which allow us to provide support to various initiatives associated with Vocations.

On the mend

We remember in our prayers some of our members that have encountered some physical problems and include: Tommy Blake who has been setback with a fall breaking some bones; Frank Descant who is recuperating at home from a recurring illness; Tim Healy who has been visited with some foot problems; and some of our other Members trying to get well.

CLARENCE C. CANTINI , We affectionately remember our brother Serran who entered his eternal life Monday October 17, 2016 as we pray Almighty God to receive him in His Kingdom, and comfort Beverly Sue Cantini his wife and numerous children at this difficult time.

Bill Clary, Melba Porteau, Juanita Solis, Jerry Schrader, Frances, my wife and I, had occasion to attend Clarence's funeral Mass at St. Patrick Cathedral in Galveston, this past Monday October 24 along with numerous family, and friends that came to manifest their respect and love.

As we bid our hasta…. luego, let us increase our work and prayers for Vocations as we search for the face of Jesus in one another.

Miguel A. Zamora

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