The Quarterly Newsletter


The Bay Area Serra Club

December, 2010



To My Fellow Serrans:

First of all, I would like to wish everyone a Blessed Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

I do believe that all the officers and committee chairman, and the workers deserve my gratitude for everything you do and have done for me when I asked. Your support means a lot to me, plus you are the ones who have made this job easy. I don't know about you, but I have found I could do things I never dreamed of doing. With the Club behind me, you gave me the courage to at least try something unfamiliar to me.

Thank You All for the wonderful year we will soon be done with. Look to next year. It should be a “blast”


Shirley Smaistrla, President


As we prepare to celebrate our last and perhaps major function of the 2010 year the Christmas Banquet to honor our Priests, Deacons and Religious, it is fitting to stop and thank Almighty God.

The Christmas Banquet is significant because it compels each Serran to reflect about the real meaning of our Vocations work and presents an opportunity for each one of us to rededicate ourselves and improve in the coming year.

This function is noteworthy because under the able direction of Jerry Schrader and the great help of Christina his wife each member of our club has the opportunity to play a part and actively participate with enthusiasm and affection to celebrate our Priests, Deacons and Religious. Sponsors, big and small contributing their treasure to underwrite the expense for gifts to our “honorees” deserve big thanks for their generosity; the KC's who prepare the delicious meal and those furnishing the wine and other refreshments are worthy of our gratitude.

Realization that any funds realized by our Christmas Banquet are dedicated to help Vocations related activities further our ability to continue our work throughout the year.

Soon each one of us we will be going our own way and celebrate with our families the birth of the Child Jesus and will not meet again until early next year, before we depart let us focus in some unfinished business we must consider for implementation when we meet next.


The Traveling Monstrances project was completed with much success in each of our parishes. Let us hope Adoration and Prayer to the Blessed Sacrament for Vocations has increased everywhere in the Archdiocese.


WHAT CAN I DO - Under this project each one of the parishes assigned to our club were to be visited and shown the Video provided. This action needs to be completed in as much that it presents an opportunity to showcase the problem we have with the scarcity of Priests, and establish a relationship with the each of the Pastors.

MYRIAM DINNER – We need to coordinate with Sister Pauline on this item designed to attract Vocations to Consecrated Life.

COLLEGE CONNECTION PROGRAM – Implementation of this project needs to be scheduled for the early spring.


We need to follow Vocations related activities included in the Office of Vocations calendar.


We need to continue our prayers for our fellow Serrans;

Maggie Adams, wife of Wade continues her chemotherapy protocol which is no picnic; we sincerely hope soon she finds relief and improvement. It has been nice to see Mary La Compte attend some of our latest meetings, she still battling some problems but thank God she has improved.


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