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The Bay Area Serra Club

April 16. 2013


Substituting for Father Benny's contribution this month we are including here a reflection on the Catechism for the Year of Faith that we are observing at present as recommended by Serra's National Council for the US.

This initiative is meant to encourage individual club members to take it upon themselves to deepen their understanding of some aspect of our rich Catholic faith. Under consideration is the possibility to develop club programs to review the Catechism with the assistance of Father Benny.

Year of Faith- Catechism

In encouraging young people to study their faith through the Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church, or “YOUCAT” Pope Benedict XVI wrote: “Yes, you need to be more deeply rooted in the faith than the generation of your parents…”

One of the goals of the Year of Faith is that we may take time to study the Catechism. Serrans, like all Catholics, have to know their faith if they are to live it and to share it. Ask yourself: “What is my goal in studying the Catechism?” “How much time will I need to accomplish this goal?” Any good intention can dissipate if it is just too difficult. This large subject can be simplified in this way.

•  The Creed

•  II. Worship

•  III. Christian Living

•  IV. Prayer

Each of these parts of the Catechism is subdivided into sections with each having chapters within them.

Try to learn about one of these subjects which are all found in this wonderful resource for our Catholic faith:

The Holy Spirit;

The Holy Catholic Church;

Sacraments of initiation;

Sacraments of healing;

Sacraments at the service of communion;

The Beatitudes;

The 10 Commandments;

The Our Father.

Choose your subject according to the time you wish to devote to it. Make a deadline for yourself. A dream and a goal are different in that a goal has a time frame. Try to be held accountable by sharing your goal with someone who shares your ambition during this Year of Faith. Talk with others in your club about your goal. Many resources are available to assist you if you feel intimidated by reading the Catechism.

www.newmanconnection.com/institute is one resource for the YOUCAT. www.catholicity.com/catechism is another online resource.

Begin today advancing toward your goal.


Some of our fellow Serrans have undergone or are battling health issues: Frank Descant problem sent him to the hospital where it was diagnosed as a double pneumonia; he spent about four days in the ICU followed by four more days in a regular room. Thank God he is at home recuperating.

Christine Schrader has had some problems necessitating surgery she is at home recuperating under the care of Jerry. The prayers from everyone in our club continue for their complete recuperation; may our Lord Jesus will speed up their healing.


On Thursday April 25 our club is preparing to celebrate one of the most important celebration we observe as members of Serra; the Induction of new members to our club. Celebration of the Eucharist by Father Benny, our Chaplain will provide the solemn frame where the new members are officially received and become part of the Vocations promotion world.

New members are necessary to continue with enthusiasm the work of members of Serra thatinvited them to work in the promotion of Vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Consecrated Life.

The new members are most welcome to our midst where they will have ample opportunity to realize the Vocation we all received in Baptism as they learn and develop new ways to assist anyone considering becoming a Priest , Sister or a Deacon.

A meal celebrating the joyful occasion will be enjoyed by all Serrans after the Induction Ceremony.


Pauletta Jeter Jerry Schrader

Debbie Clark Virginia Thompson

Frank Bejarano Rodney PruitMargaret Bejarano Melba Porteau

Osby Allen Peggy Madison

Juanita Solis Shirley Smaistrla


On our regular meeting of March 14, 2013 elections for new officers was held and resulted in the election of the following Serrans.

President Bill Clary

President Elect Miguel Zamora

V.P. Programs Melba Porteau

V.P. Vocations Osby Allen

V.P. Membership Ann Descant

V. P. Communications Miguel Zamora

Treasurer Frances Zamora

Secretary Virginia Thompson

Chaplain Father Benny Thadathikunnel

1 st year Trustee Jerry Schrader

2 nd year Trustee Shirley Smaistrla

3 rd year Trustee Tommy Blake


Preparations are being made to implement the College Connect campaign for this 2013 High School Graduates bound for College / University. Jerry Schrader's efforts in this regard include contacting each Parish assigned to our club to motivate the harvesting of the information for each student.


As a result of conversations with Father Robert Kajoh, pastor of St. Philip Neri Catholic Church, the Vocations Cross Program will soon be started in this parish assigned to our club. Father Robert assigned Mrs. Evelynn (Lynn) Hubbard Director of the CCE to assist in the implementation of this effort.

A most productive working meeting was held recently with Mrs. Hubbard dealing with the methodology to start and maintain the program. Detailed instructions to acquaint parishioners were discussed and a Cross, and Prayer folder, for the parishioners to take and pray at home were provided. Mrs. Hubbard is working hard recruiting parishioner candidates and hopes to launch the program the first Sunday of May.

We are most thankful for Father Robert's interest in this program whose ultimate goal is to establish an interest appreciation and love for, and the promotion of Vocations to the Priesthood and Consecrated Religious Life as we pledge our assistance and help to make this a successful initiative.

Hasta pronto, to improve our newsletter let me hear your suggestions/comments and till we meet again let us go and look for the face of Jesus in one another.

Miguel A. Zamora

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