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The Bay Area Serra Club

July 1, 2003


New Members

We welcome our new members who joined the club in 2003.

        Juanita Solis
        Hector J. Ibarra
        Tim and Annette Healy
        John and Liz Calhoon
        Herb Newell

April, 2003

        The packets and posters for the Life Awareness and Explore Programs were distributed to all the churches and schools in District 10.
        The Life Awareness Program was held on July 18th, 19th, and 20th at the Holy Name Retreat Center. The purpose of Life Awareness is to enable men and women to better educate themselves about religious life, and whether or not it might be for them. Since the first session in 1983, over 800 have attended, and over 100 have entered religious life. The program is open to all Catholics of ages 18 to 45. No fee is charged.

        The Altar Servers picnic was a big success. Approximately 80 Altar Servers attended. Astronaut and Navy Lt. Commander William Oefelein gave a wonderful talk on space exploration, which riveted the attention of all.

        At a subsequent business meeting a discussion was held on how to improve attendance at the picnic. One problem mentioned was competing weekend activities.

May 2003

        The Explore Program for junior high students was held at St. Mary's Seminary. The Explore Program's objective is to help develop the spiritual life of teenage boys, with the hope that further nurturing will encourage latent vocations to come forth.

        The annual Serra Club Banquet was attended by a large turnout by all of the area Serra Clubs. The Bay Area Club had about 15 members present plus the Essay Contest winners and their teachers. The food was excellent and it was a great opportunity to renew old acquaintances. Sister Rosalie attended, and so did Bishop Fiorenza, who talked about the great need for more vocations to the priestly and religious life. Later, the Essay Contest winners had their pictures taken with Bishop Fiorenza and our Associate Chaplain, Sister Monica.

        The Spring Leadership Conference was held at St. Mary's Seminary. The turnout was large, and everyone enjoyed the continental breakfast. The new District Governor, Cliff Peterson, introduced his ideas on how to increase and maintain momentum for the clubs, and plans for new clubs. Later, specialized meetings were conducted for the officers with the goal of enhancing their knowledge and performance. Alicia Casmus described the proper way to conduct a presentation at one of the meetings.

June 2003

        The Explore Program for senior high students was held at St. Mary's Seminary.

General Information

        Hector Ibarra noted that a good source for seminarians is Mexico, where several eligible candidates are ready to enter the seminary if funding for their tuition can be found.
        One thought about foreign seminarians is that there is a cultural and language barrier that has to be overcome. English classes would solve the language problem; the cultural barrier could only be solved by cultural assimilation in this country.

        Ideas on fund raising to help finance seminary tuition were discussed. One thought presented by Hector Ibarra was to start a car donation program. Vehicles no longer needed could be donated to those businesses that collect these vehicles and a percentage of the profit earned would be given back to the club.

         Another idea presented by Jerry Schrader and Tim Healy was to have a chili cook-off. The general idea would be to have chili chefs enter a contest for the best chili in different categories. The contest entry fees, after expenses, would be given to the bishop to cover seminarians' tuition costs. Initial financial results were expected to be small, however growth in popularity of this event year after year could produce significant revenue. This idea will be explored further to get a better picture of what is required to run this kind of event.

Future Events

        The new Calendar of Events will soon contain the activities for the balance of the year.


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