The Quarterly Newsletter


The Bay Area Serra Club

September, 2010

Chaplain's Corner

Greetings and love from Fr.Benny! I really wanted to congratulate you all for all the hard work you do for the Sera Club. By the grace of God our membership has increased and now if we all work together we can do much for the glory of God. Vocation promotion is not just a work of a group of priests and Nuns instead it is a work of all the baptized people. We need more priests, deacons, Nuns and religious to work in the vineyard of the Lord. I was happy to hear from Fr.Dat Hoang (Vocation Director) of our diocese that the numbers of our seminarians are increasing. That is great news for all of us but we have to pray for them every day that they will remain faithful to their call. Let us also pray that many more will listen to the call of God and will courageously follow the path of God.

You all are in my prayers.

In Christ,

Fr.Benny Thadathilkunnel, MS

Chaplain- Serra club of Bay Area.

Traveling Monstrances

Much enthusiasm has and continues to be generated by the Traveling Monstrance as it has made successful stops at Sacred Heart, in Manvel; St. Helen's, in Pearland; St. Mary's, in La Porte; St. Paul, in Nassau Bay and is about to arrive at St. Bernadette, in Clear Lake, and St. Mary's in League City.

Prayer does Work!

We suspect prayers for Vocations to the Blessed Sacrament have an effect, as we just learned that: ………. Mr. Mark Barret a Mary Queen parishioner entered this past week the Missionaries of Our Lady of La Sallete Seminary in Hartford, Conn. This is where Fr. Don Thomas, of fond memories to Mary Queen parishioners, is now stationed. Let us pray with God's help Mark becomes a great priest. We need to continue, and even increase our prayers.


1. College Connection Program

Marianne Bartos, Jr High Faith Formation Coordinator at St. Bernadette Church made a most informative and practical presentation introducing the Serra's College Connection for Catholics program to our membership August 26.

Marianne's presentation included a detailed tutorial to harvest and process the prospective college bound High School graduates information to effect their connection with our Catholic Faith. We feel the methodology employed will empower our present membership to successfully offer this service in our local parishes.

Interfacing of this endeavor with the website created by Serra International permits its efficient adaptation for use in other parishes or locations.

2. What Can I Do?

At our 12 August meeting Shirley Smaistrla our President presented the WHAT CAN I DO video originated at the gathering in Chicago by the Vocations Committee of USA Council of Serra International. Shirley provided a copy of the video to each member along with a “suggested” Vocations message to be in turn presented by our members at each of the parishes assigned to our club. It would be a good idea to ask the pastor first for permission and then take the "Video" to different organizations you have in the parish. 

The above initiative was in conjunction with a call made by our new District Governor, Margo Geddie, to take the Vocations message to each one of our assigned parishes.

Work on the above has started as initial contact has been made with some parishes in an effort to accomplish the above and foster a friendly Vocations atmosphere. Hope everyone is able to report progress on this project at our next meeting.

3. Called by Name

Tim Healy and Jim Connors continue their investigation of a program entitled “Called By Name” that has proved successful in promoting and finding Vocations Candidates at various Serra Clubs, for implementation in our Club.

WHERE TO, FROM HERE: As Labor Day peeks around the corner it is time to turn our view to other fun activities coming our way.

DISCOVER the Road Less Traveled series

Gatherings for this year will begin at St. Mary's Seminary from 6:30-9:00 PM on the first Thursday of Sept (2), October (7), November (4), and December (2) designed for young men ages 18 and up to discern God's call in their life as they enjoy great food, rich prayer, Mass and great talks with priests and other young men.

This premier activity offers an opportunity for Serra newcomers to initiate their Vocations promotion at our local parishes where their visit will be a follow up to the announcement sent by Fr. Dat from the Office of Vocations.

Christmas Banquet

The Christmas Dinner, our “pride and joy” activity is quickly approaching and Jerry is about to ask all of us to begin our efforts to make this event a resounding success where we honor our Priests, Religious, Deacons and everybody associated with Vocations.

A starting point could be to secure Raffle Prizes to raffle off that night since we realize a good profit. Ask for donations; look for unwanted items in your closets that might make a good prize; visit your favorite merchant and suggest him make a donation, and ….. Everyone will get an opportunity to work in the many aspects of this great project.

Serrans on the mend

We continue our prayers for our fellow Serrans for a quick recovery from their various problems: Mary LaCompte; Maggie Adams wife of Wade; Ann Descant; Melba Porteau; Pauletta Jeter; Paul Centers, husband of Mary Lou; Kathy Beetar; Connie Floridia; Charlene Guilliams; Charlotte Connors, wife of Jim; and Barbara Clary, wife of Bill. May our Lord Jesus bless, comfort and heal each one of them.

Visiting Parishes

We like to include brief remarks explaining a “how to” approach for visiting parishes in our Vocations promotion work.

Choose the topic(s) you plan to discuss and research the subject to allow formulation of a clear and concise message. Assemble any material you plan to deliver, such as posters or other Vocations promotional material.

Make an appointment to see the person you plan to meet. If the Pastor is your target, talk to the Parish Secretary and: a) discuss with her the purpose of your visit since there might be a person, other than the Pastor, assigned to deal with your subject, b) learn the availability of the Pastor; and c) indicate the time you require to present your subject, so the Pastor can consult his schedule and determine when he will be able to see you.

If there is one thing Priests and Pastors do not have in abundance, is TIME, because of this the initial contact with the Parish Secretary is most important as she becomes aware of your requirements she is able to help manage the Pastor's time more efficiently.

If and when you get to meet the Pastor you will find this a most rewarding experience, as they are most appreciative of Serra's interest and work for Vocations.

Your comments, suggestions are welcomed by the editor. Let us go and continue our VOCATIONS work.

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