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July 11, 2014

Dominican Sisters of Mary Immaculate Province

Saturday July 4, was a jubilant day as the Dominican Sisters of Mary Immaculate Province witnessed along with the Congregation at St. Catherine Convent the Perpetual Profession Vows pronounced by Sisters,

Mary Theresa Thao Ly Nguyen, O.P.

Anna Imelda Hang Nga Nguyen, O.P., and

Immaculata Therese Thuy Kieu Nguyen, O.P.

before Auxiliary Bishop George A. Sheltz numerous clergy, family and friends from the Vietnamese Community.

The solemn Mass was celebrated by Bishop Scheltz and numerous clergy at the majestic chapel at St. Catherine's Convent whose physical capacity was not large enough to accommodate the numerous family and friends attending the ceremony. The attendance overflow was accommodated at an adjacent hall nearby.

The exquisite beauty of the chapel framed the glorious ceremony and echoed the resounding YES as each of the three young Sisters answered the Lord's call; Bishop Scheltz congratulated the newly professed and thank them for their generosity in accepting God's summon.

It is difficult to reproduce a faithful description of what took place that morning as everything large and small seemed arranged by Divine intervention, everyone performed magnificently. The choir from the Sisters deserves some especial mention as it was magnificent; their voices flawless, richly melodious and precisely delightful. The confluence of English, Latin and Vietnamese in their songs added reverence and solemnity to the sacred proceedings.

An enormous measure of gratitude is owed to the family and friends of the newly professed for providing or allowing the planting of God's call to each of the three Sisters with the Vocations seed that so triumphantly was harvested today. Much gratitude is owed as well to the Dominican Sisters providing and nurturing the formation of these blessed Sisters.

The joy of the freshly professed should manifest anew the blessing of being a Serran2000000000000000000000000 as these events affirm to each one of us united with so many people that planting of the Vocation seed is what gets it done. Yes, our prayers are answered, yes our work does make a difference.

This indeed was a glorious day when all Serrans should feel the joy of sharing and congratulating the beautiful Dominican Sisters of Mary Immaculate Province.

Franciscan Sisters Visit Houston

Early in the spring of this year Sister Julie Ann Shehean, Vocations Director of the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, whose Mother House is located in Manitowoc, WI, announced a potential vocations promotion visit to Houston was under consideration. This plan became a reality after learning of the vocations friendly atmosphere prevailing in the Galveston-Houston Archdiocese under the dynamic leadership of Daniel Cardinal DiNardo.

Travel, appointments and visits plans completed; Sister July Ann accompanied by Sisters Mary Ann and Carmen Marie flew into Houston Saturday, July 5 for their five day visit trying to make the best in their allotted short time.

Some of their principal activities included a Eucharistic Adoration to Action Presentation to a Young Adult audience after the 5 pm Mass on Sunday at St. Anne's Parish. On Monday they attended the Café Catolica activities at St. Michael's Catholic Church where they were able to say hello to His Eminence Cardinal DiNardo who was the featured speaker for that day.

On Tuesday Frances my wife and I accompanied the Sisters to a visit to the University of St. Thomas responding to an invitation of Lee Vigil from the Students Ministry Office. We had a short but rather interesting meeting where Lee provided insight onto some of his activities directed to maintain and increase the Faith of all youngsters coming this way. Sisters Mary Ann, Carmen Marie and Julie Ann shared their work in their quest to attract young women to become Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity.

The above represents a small sample of the labors undertaken by the Sisters during their short visit to Houston; they held radio interviews at the Catholic Radio Station 1430 AM and visited and counseled countless individuals. Frances and I had discovered a new twist in our work, promoting Vocations in the company of three Franciscans, bet you , we will do well.

In the interest of full disclosure I like to remind you that one of my daughters, Sister Marie Kolbe is a Franciscan Sister of Charity approximating her twenty-five anniversary as a religious. She is at present teaching Theology at Silver Lake College in Manitowoc, WI and preparing to complete her degree from the Gregorian University in Rome. It is with much joy and humble pride that I acknowledge the especial blessings our Lord continues to bestow on our family and everyone answering in the affirmative His call to serve.

Finally, a Texas size thank you to all District 10 Serrans who with their prayers and labors made the Franciscan Sisters visit to Houston such a gratifying success.

Changing of the Guard

As we approach the installation of new officers of all Clubs of Serra District 10 it is imperative to acknowledge the dedication and work of those completing their term in office dedicated to the promotion of vocations to the priesthood and consecrated religious life.

We thank Almighty God for the dedication of our leaders who have with their example and leadership inspired in every Serran a profound passion in the critical and essential planting of the vocations seed in all our youngsters, and be content allowing God to do the rest. Perhaps it would be instructive to realize most of the seeds planted in men and women recently ordained were made by people which for a myriad of reasons are not here to witness these events.

And all we Serrans take pride acknowledging receipt of the enterprising wisdom from our leaders, just as they were blessed by the work and tenacity from those preceding them.

I will close these disorganized thoughts thanking Father Dat whose devotion to his priesthood has inspired in all of us a genuine love for and the promotion of vocations. We know he will be most successful in his new Priestly assignment.

Newman Connection

It is of interest to recall a year or so ago we transitioned from the late Dick Stoley and Judy Cozzens College Connect Program to the Newman Connection in providing Catholic Information available at Colleges and Universities to our college bound youngsters, greatly simplifying the processing process.

I am not privy to the details of this morphing but it is evident Providence had a great part on this transaction increasing our ability to better serve our youth. .

Early evaluation of the effectiveness of using Newman Connection in our work at the Bay Area Club indicates progress has been made but perhaps not of the magnitude expected. Introspection in this regard identifies an area for potential improvement. The interface with the Youth Directors of our local parishes needs to be strengthened such, that the data (name, address and college to be attended) by the High School Graduates is either:

•  Submitted directly by the student at: nwmanconnection.com , or

•  The Youth Director provides the student's information to the Serra Club Member to be forwarded to Newman Connection.

Our own Jerry Schrader at the Bay Area Club has been providing Newman Connection direction and information to clubs in our District 10. He will be happy to help you at: jerry.Schrader@att.net .

On a related note, Megan Tay, Director of Newman Connection at the invitation of Sue Cantini, Retired Governor of District 10 will be a guest of the Serra Club of Galveston at their Regular Meeting Friday, August 8. No doubt her visit will add to a better understanding and increased participation in the Newman Connection.

Youth Conference

The Archdiocesan Youth Conference to be held July 25 – 27 here in Houston presents an opportunity to strengthen the role of the Newman Connection with our youth as it is our understanding its Director Megan Tay will be in attendance, and available for questions with Youth Directors and other interested attendants.

Additionally, our own Texas Catholic Herald featured a most interesting and enriching article written by Gabriela Karaszewski, Director of Young Adults and Campus Ministry of the Archdiocese. Gabriela shares her interest and concern in keeping our connected to our Catholic Faith, our youngsters starting their collegiate career at institutions away from home located in the State of Texas.

An informal contact with Gabriela indicated her desirability to expand the resources of her office to include Catholic Information available at institutions of higher learning nation-wide. To this effect she has made tentative plans to attend the Youth Conference and possibly meet Megan Tay.

On the Mend

Some of our Club Serrans are recuperating slowly but nicely from recent health issues: Jerry Schrader seems he is about ready to run a marathon after his knee replacement adventure; Virginia Thompson trying to get the upper hand and keep her health in good shape; Mary LeCompte, according to Dennis is getting better trying to keep up with all her “kiddos”, the rest of us better keep the Geritol handy.

As we bid our –hasta la vista- let us acknowledge all the blessings of our Creator and pray to increase our love and zeal to continue our vocations work, and lastly pray for those having no one pray for them, as we search for the face of Jesus in one another.

Miguel A. Zamora

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