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April 29, 2014

A Most Happy and Blessed Easter to everyone and may the joy of the Risen Christ allow us to live our own vocation and increase in every Serran the zeal to go forward and continue the work for VOCATIONS.

Vaya con DIOS !! , Father Dat

With a deep sense of gratefulness we take this opportunity to express our thanks to Father Dat as he soon will move to his new assignment in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, for his dedication and love to his Priesthood which has moved one and all to appreciate the work for Vocations. Father Dat's devotion as he celebrates Mass offers a glimpse of the profound sense of appreciation he has for his Priesthood and his desire to share this gift for the promotion of Vocations.

Leaving the soil that saw his birth and his family as well, indicates the motivation and persistence he possessed in chasing his dreams to become a Priest. The affable and congenial priest we all have had the privilege to work with is a giant when it comes to the work of the Lord; his infectious smile and sense humor motivates in everyone a sense of self sufficiency when it comes to the promotion of Vocations. Everyone has grown and gladly embraced his example as an exemplary worker in the promotion of Vocations. Thank you much Father Dat.

It seems most fitting at this time to remind everyone that the “GOOD MORNING VOCATIONS” show is preparing for its last two presentations; one, presented this past Saturday, April 26, at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, 6800 Buffalo Speedway; and the last one, will be presented Saturday, May 3, at St. Martha Catholic Church, located at 3702 Woodland Hills Dr. in Kingwood.

The GOOD MORNING VOCATIONS an informal exposition of current world, local and vocations news presented by Father Dat and Sister Anita Brenek gives a good glimpse of how to go about the work of vocations. We attended the Baytown presentation which treated the attendees with coffee and a light breakfast, burritos and such. There were time for round table discussions and then participation in a Holy Hour.

Many thanks are due to the Office of Vocations and the numerous Serrans assisting Father Dat and Sister Anita in the laborious and complex preparation and staging these presentations as they bring numerous aspects of the work for Vocations. Most enjoyable was observing some facets of our work executed by other people.

Serra District 10 Spring Conference

During one of our Business meetings our President Bill Clary shared with us information about Vocations activities discussed at the Presidents meetings chaired by Margo Geddie and Larry Massey with the Presidents of all District 10 Clubs. Some of their recent deliberations included their contact with a lady from St. Cecilia Catholic Community, Rhonda Gruenewald who in collaboration with Father Victor Perez set out to revive the Parish Vocations Committee at St. Cecilia's Parish in Houston in 2011, at the request of their Pastor Father John Cahoon.

On Saturday, April 12 several members from our Club attended the Spring Conference at St. Anne

‘s Parish which was presided by Larry Massey. The agenda included a brief presentation by Rhonda Gruenewald, Vocations Ministry Director from St. Cecilia Catholic Community based on booklet titled “How To Start a Vocations Ministry”, which she wrote as a product of her work and that of Father Perez.

Rhonda's work seems like an answer to our prayers in as much as it addresses all the KEY elements needed for the successful promotion of Vocations at the Parish level, the formation of a Vocations Committee. This work should benefit existing Vocations Committees partially working, or not working at all in that it provides a clear and concise road map to essential components of this activity.

There is an activity in District 10 “under construction” to formulate a Comprehensive Survey to be provided to each Parish in the Galveston Houston Archdiocese to ascertain and evaluate the status of their “Vocations Promotion” activities. This effort should provide the panorama of each Parish that would in turn underline areas where improvement can be obtained using the “How to Start a Vocations Ministry” as a guide.

Rhonda Gruenewald's work is great and we congratulate her for that, and for her recently becoming a Serran, Welcome Rhonda.

World Day of Prayer for Vocations

I know with certitude every Serrran in each of the District 10 Clubs acknowledges with gratitude the opportunity God has provided us to perform the noble work for Vocations. Those Serrans who have had the opportunity to set foot in St. Mary's Seminary attending any Liturgical Celebration, will agree the solemnity and devotion overcomes all in attendance; Celebrants, Clergy, Seminarians, Serrans.

We all have the opportunity to visit St. Mary's Seminary this coming Saturday May 3 and participate in the World Day of Prayer for Vocations.

On the Mend

Our prayers and thoughts for Mary Lecompte as she continues her rehabilitation from her recent heart difficulties'. Our best wishes and our prayers to dear Virginia Thompson who underwent thyroid surgery early this week, wishing her a quick recovery. Jerry Schrader will have surgery to replace a bum knee at the end of May so we will remember him and his speedy recovery in our prayers.

Here and There

Recently we had a glimpse of “other” activities some of our Serrans are involved in. Frank Bejarano, in a very casual and informal manner after our last meeting got to share his feelings while visiting one of the local jails as part of team from the ACTS Ministry. A most impressive experience for him and the team as they got close to men confined trying to get close to God, and they serving as the conduit for these unfortunate men.

The team was led by an unidentified Deacon from the Prison Ministry and included Dennis LeCompte from John the Baptist Parish in Alvin. Two parishioners from St. Mary Parish in League City are in their final studies for the Diaconate, they are Andy Deyoung and Russell Carroll, and both of this distinguished parishioner's work of the Jail Ministry.

A quick reflection will compel us to offer our gratitude to these men, and many others like them, ordinary family men who have responded YES to their Vocation to become Deacons and are able to perform these and many other vital functions the great scarcity of Priests do not permit them to complete.

Before we bid our –hasta la vista- let us pray to the Holy Spirit to illuminate the minds and hearts of all Serrans, especially those attending the Serra International Convention this coming July 10-13 to be held in Sacramento, California for a complete resolution of the outstanding differences such that will allow everyone to return with Faith and Enthusiasm to our primary and only work, the promotion of Vocations as we search for the face of Jesus in one another.


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