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May 22 , 2016

“This is the Day the Lord has made: Let us rejoice and be glad in it”

Psalms 118:24

We take pleasure honoring

Fr. Howard Drabek

Pastor of St. Mary of the Expectation Catholic Church

on the occasion of his

25 th Jubilee of his

Ordination to the Priesthood

A Mass of Thanksgiving was con-celebrated by Archbishop Joseph Fiorenza; Bishop Brendan Cahill of Victoria; and six priests of nearby parishes from the Archdiocese Saturday May 21.

In his inspiring Homily Archbishop Joseph A. Fiorenza spoke about the eternal love exchange shared by Father, Son and Holy Spirit on this date the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity. He then spoke about Father Howard Drabek whom he ordained a Priest on May 18, 1991 and of his devotion and love in accepting God's call.

The archbishop thanked and congratulated the parents of Fr. Howard and his relatives who were present. He then spoke about the life sacrifice and service of the priest in ministering to the faithful and the reward of observing the transformation and effect as he administers the Sacraments. He then congratulated and thanked Father Howard for his faithful service.

Indeed it was a joy for the Vocations Committee to join the entire St. Mary Church Community in the Jubilee celebrating Father Howard who has been an ardent supporter in the promotion of vocations since his appointment at St. Mary Parish. With the encouragement of Father Howard the Vocations Cross Program was started and successfully operated for the last six years along with other initiatives. We thank God for Father's Devotion and love to his Priesthood.

New Vocations

The joy continues at St. Mary of the Expectation Catholic Parish thanking God as we celebrate Mr. Gregory Dunn's decision to join the Dominicans Priory to begin his studies to the priesthood. Greg is a recent graduate from Texas A & M University in College Station. We join the parishioners at St. Mary and congratulate his parents and his grandmother Mrs. Sandy Dunn who is the Director of the Children's Ministry at St. Mary's.

From note from Margo Geddie, V.P of Communications at Serra USA Council, it is of interest to note that the Rev. David Konderla is the Chaplain of St. Mary Catholic Center at Texas A & M and that more vocations have come out of this campus ministry than any other in the country. Well, he was just appointed Bishop of Tulsa!!!

New Serrans

To continue our “happy faces” and resume our celebration, you can almost touch the joy generated and felt by everyone at our Serra club of the Bay Area. This continuing delight proceeds from results of multiple activities spawned by the dedication and hard work of all our members in diverse Vocation promoting activities.

All Serrans know the recruiting new members phase of our work is essential to maintain open and continually growing the essence of our noble work, fostering at every turn prayers for young men and women alike to be open to receive God's call to come and fulfill their Vocation, which it may very well include to work in His vineyard as a Priest or Consecrated Religious. Recruiting new members demands and exercises all the talents, and then some, possessed by each one of us to continue the work started by our Patron Saint Junipero Serra.

After many efforts hard work and persistence from Jerry Schrader, our Club Membership V.P and the assistance of practically all the Serrans in our Club, thirteen members from various Parishes from those assigned to our Club in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston will be welcomed and inducted as members of Serra this coming Thursday, May 26, 2016 at Mary Queen Catholic Church in Friendswood, Tex.

Inductee Parish

Lee Jagush-Boler Mary Queen

Adela Castro Mary Queen

Helen Drab-Stigant St. Helen

Richard Banke St. Paul the Apostle

Myra Banke St. Paul the Apostle

Richard Eckelkamp St. Helen

Tim Rouen Sacred Heart

Jan Larsen St. Bernadette

David Larsen St. Bernadette

Andrew Arevalo Mary Queen

Sheila Leahy St. Luke the Evangelist

Mark Barrett Mary Queen

Robert Burns Mary Queen

The Induction Ceremony will include a Mass to be celebrated at Mary Queen Church followed by an especial dinner offered in honor of the new Serrans.

We thank God for the enthusiasm, desire and generosity of the new Serrans that have decided to join the work of promoting Vocations.

Our gratitude to Jerry Schrader and the many Serrans assisting him; for their dedication, persistence and love for Serra that have made possible welcoming the new members to the ranks of those seeking workers for the Lord's vineyard.

New Officers

As required by our Bylaws, on our business meeting of April 14 of 2016 a slate of New Officers was elected for the 2016-1017 years as follows:

President Melba Porteau

V.P. Programs Lee Jagush-Boler

V.P. Membership Jerry Schrader

V.P. Vocations Miguel A. Zamora

V.P. Communications Tim Healy

Treasurer Frances Zamora

Secretary Juanita Solis


1 st year Trustee Bill Clary

2 nd year Trustee Virginia Thompson

3 rd year Trustee Rodney Preuit

The above Serrans will be installed at the Serra Mass, Installation of Officers and Dinner to be held June 23 at St. Mary's Seminary.

We pray the Holy Spirit guide the above Serrans as they faithfully implement their role in the promotion of Vocations.

We take this opportunity to thank our club President Bill Clary for his guidance and wisdom in directing our Vocation promotion work in our assigned parishes. Bill's love and understanding of Serra has been a welcomed blessing allowing all Bay Area Serrans to learn and appreciate our work, for this we sincerely thank him.

During last fall (2015) Bill was called to assume the role of Governor elect of District 10 and to this day continues to diligently perform that additional responsibility. Bill was elected and will be inducted as Governor of District 10 at the Serra Mass, Installation of Officers and Dinner to be held at St. Mary's Seminary June 25 of this 2016 year. We pray the Holy Spirit assist Bill in his new responsibility.

New Vocations Ministries

Another “new” for our club. Actually not that new, as it was started somewhere in mid-2014 when we visited Fr. Vincent Vuong-Quoc Nguyen the Pastor at St. Clare of Assisi Parish in the Clear Lake Area of Houston. The visit was “our first step” required for the initiation of a Vocations Ministry at his (or any other) parish. Father Vincent was cordial as he received our Serra message but like all of his colleagues at other parishes very and extremely busy. My message to him was brief and in my haste to “close” some sort of a deal with him I gave him my calling card. This had as our occupation “Traveling Gipsies “which is what Frances my wife and I did all over creation after our retirement before joining Serra.

I had almost forgotten about my visit when after a few months later answering my phone I heard: Are you the traveling Gypsy? It was Father Vincent. His message was clear… he mentioned that a Gentleman studying in the Permanent Deacon Program was going to contact me. Thank God, Father Vincent kept his word..

Mr. Bob Hebert who was almost completing his Permanent Deaconate Study and his wife Valerie came to our home. Frances and I had a great conversation with our visitors and suggested the existence of Serra Vocations Programs that could be started in any parish. After his Ordination to the Deaconate in January of 2015, had occasion to meet again with now Deacon Bob who by now had initiated with his wife enlisting parishioners at St. Clare's to begin a Vocations Ministry.

I do not know the precise timeline but Deacon Bob recruited several members of St. Clare's and started meeting at his residence with parishioners to initiate discussion to form a Vocations Ministry. Some of these people included.

Core Members : Lola & Luz Del Toro, Chrissy & John Keller, Brenda & Luis Zepeda, Valerie & Deacon Bob Hebert

Support Team : Martha & Peter Alandt and Shawn & Andy Kennedy

I had occasion to attend a few of the meetings at Deacon's Bob home and was most impressed with the enthusiasm dedication and desire to form a Vocations Ministry at St. Clare's, I have also mentioned the opportunity to join Serra and this is a pending item.

I invited Jean and Alan Ito members of the Vocations Committee at St. Mary's in League City to participate at one of Deacon Bob's initial meetings. As a consequence of discussion at this gathering Alan offered to provide the group the revised copy of The Vocation Cross Prayer folder which we use in that Program at St. Mary and that he had revised.

Deacon Bob and his team are diligently working and with God's help soon will establish the Vocations Ministry at St. Clare's.

Affirmation Activities

One of the functions included in our work at Serra and perhaps little known is the Affirmation Committee that provides the Priests and Deacons serving at the Parishes of our Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston assigned to our Club, is the recognition of premiere dates in their lives; their Birthdays and their Ordination Anniversary dates. Most quietly and out of everyone sight someone in our club mails Birthday and Ordination Anniversary congratulatory cards year around, to each one of our priests and deacons. Of recent memory Pauletta Jeter, who is no longer active in our club performed this valuable function. Shirley Smaistrla and Frances Zamora perform this valuable function.

On the mend

Frank Descant husband of Ann Descant has been afflicted by some time with serious heart problems; Tim Healy is recuperating from foot surgery; and lastly the father of Melba Pourteau is being afflicted with heart problems in San Antonio. In our prayers we ask our Lord Jesus extend His protective mantle to these faithful servants.

As we bid our hasta luego….. Let us go and renew our individual commitment to work for Vocations thanking God for the encouraging events occurring in our midst, and looking for the face of Jesus in one another.

Miguel A. Zamora

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