Margo Geddie, District Governor
Visit to BASC on September 23, 2010

Shirley Smaistrla, club president and Margo Geddie, District 10 Governor


Margo Geddie told about her visit to a luncheon meeting a few years back, and the prayer that was said during the luncheon, which totally “blew her away”.

She also introduced the club to a new book, To Save a Thousand Souls , by Fr. Brett A. Brannan,. It is written for those age 16 and older, and it explains things such as how do I tell my parents I want to be a priest, when do I start, what is the seminary like, and many other topics.

Margo urged each member to buy this book, read it, and keep it on the shelf. You might meat someone who thinks they have a calling, and you can pass the book on to them. The book can be purchased from the Vianney Vocations Website

Mago also recommended the National Association of Catholic Bishops Website which has information on vocations. Click on the links for the various topics.

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