Chelsea Kettle: What My Vocation

Looks Like So Far...


The two images shown below were photographed during Chelsea's slide/video presntation (Ed).

Chelsea received her degree in sociology from Texas A&M University, and is now exploring her calling to religious life. At first it was a "scary" thing to consider, but later found out, after taliking with a knowledgeable person, how beautiful the calling can be.

Chelsea explained how her first encounter with a nun was through Whoopi Goldber's impersonation. This concerned her because she said she didn't know enough about life. However, after a 24-hour retreat she started to get her thoughts in order, however some doubts still remained. She was counseled to calm down, and it was explained to her that God is love and mercy, that God loves you.

Chelsea said prayers, which helped her to erase the image of Whoopi Goldberg from her mind. Chelsea then realized she wanted to go abroad, to do something for the church. She got advice and thought working with the poor in the Philippines was a good path to follow.

There was a statement by Pope John Paul that helped Chelsea make her decision; "Man cannot fully find himself, except through a sincere gift of himself." More words of wisdom are below.

Chelsea's work with the poor in the Philippines was a very rewarding. There was no other option but to give love.

Chelsea has found her freedom and everything is coming together. Next year will be more difficult, and Chelsea will need your prayers.

If you want to help Chelsea in her work you can donate to the RC Missionary Corps. Go to and select "Donate", then on the donation page select RCMC Woman, then Chelsea Kettle's name in the drop down list.

Chelsea's work and the work of the Missionay Corps is very important. Your donation will be a big help in their success.

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