Dan Kidd's Talk about Shalom Center 5.22.14


Daniel Kidd is the first lay director Shalom Center has ever had. Previously directors were either priests or religious. This is an example of some of the great things lay people can do.

Shalom Center works to preserve priests and religious who have met bumps and roadblocks while searving. It is said that saving one priest will save 1,000 souls. In 2013 59 priests and religious, the highest number ever admitted in the center's history. The center is now 100% higher in capacity than it was four years ago. This is a good sign. They are getting help. Statistics show only 15% of those needing help ever receive it. Priests and religious see Shalom Center as a place to feel safe and secure, They are getting the help they need. It is not punishment.

All receive respect. They are treated as Christ himself treated...with love.

What is causing the increase in admissions? There are now fewer priests and religious than in the past. The numbers are in decline, and good people are getting worn out. They experience a lot of pressure, such as how to deal with stress and how to handle change. Recently a lot of priests in their 60s were admitted. During their careers they were very successful, and given more responsibilities and bigger parishes. Then, all of a sudden their personalities switched to anger. This could have been caused by an unresolved trauma in childhood or other factors. Now they are faced with change...retirement...and the condition surfaces.

Shalom center now has 15 beds. Two new cottages have been built with separate entrances, so the rooms can be used by either priests or sisters. This brings the total number of beds to 21.

There is a returning program where those previously treated come for a two-week program. this year seven returned and they had to be put up in an hotel. It was never expected 27 would ever be at the center.

Of the 59 admitted last year, 7 were from the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, 15 were from other dioceses around Texas, and 37 others from North Dakota to Texas, and from California to new York. Also persons from 5 continents were admitted.

Where does Shalom Center go from here? The center likes the 21 bed atmosphere. Any bigger and the center would become institutional. How can this family atmosphere be amintained? One possibility is to open other Shalom Centers, such as in California, where there are no treatment centers.

The center is building its endowment account, which will enable treatment for those who can't afford it. No one is ever turned away. And, the center is the least expensive treatment center in the country, charging $5,000 per month less than others.

Your support is needed and very important to Shalom Center's success. Serrans have been a big factor in Shalom Center's success.


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