District 10 Governor Larry Massey

One interesting thing Larry talked about was the life-sized statue of Serra, one of 100 that were made by a Californian, which will be presented to the archdiocese in the 75th year Serra has been in Houston.

Also, Larry brought two books for our library : To Save a Thousand Souls and newly published A Priest in the Family , which will be given to families who have sons in the seminary. There is also a new book coming out, Hundred Fold , which describes how to start a parish vocation committee. Eighty-five percent of vocations came from those parishes that have a supportive pastor and a vocations committee.

Larry has a show on the Guadeloupe Radio Network, Monday Noon to 1:00, where he promotes Serra. If anyone wants to help with this project, contact Larry. The Format is a question and answer session where the guests tell about the wonderful programs and activities being done in their club to foster vocations. One of Larry's objectives is to build awareness of the activities of the District 10 clubs. This is one way to inform Houston what District 10 is doing to foster vocations.

Larry Massey talked about the various activities the 8 District 10 clubs are involved in. One of his objectives is to get each club aware of the activities of the other clubs and to have members interact and help with the activities of all the clubs. One of his favorites is the Jubilarian Mass, after which the Serrans host the reception.

This year there will only be 5 priests ordained. The minimum requirement is 13.

Also, Sr. Anita has been a paradigm shift in the Vocations office. She is doing a great job. Larry said it would be nice for Sr. Anita to receive 100 birthday cards on her birthday, May 2nd.

One new project that has Bishop Scheltz approval is a rewards program for Altar Servers. They perform an important function and should be officially recognized.


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