Kurt Metyko's Talk to BASC on 8.25.11

My Life as a Serran

Kurt talked about his life as a Serran, which he described as a beautiful thing. When he graduated from St. Ann's Grade School, where he admired the pastor, he was thinking about becoming a priest. When he got into high school his Dad took him to Serra meetings at the Rice Hotel. His father became president of Serra International in 1977.

After high school Kurt went to Notre Dame University, where he earned degrees in electrical and mechanical engineering. In 1968, after service in Viet Nam, he joined Serra. At this time he was still considering the priesthood. He talked with his pastor, who said say Yes or No about becoming a priest. If the answer is “No” we will talk about other things.

The answer was “No” and Kurt embarked on his career as a Serran.

In 1985 he became a Serra Club President. In 1993 he found himself to be Governor. He became the Regional Director for Texas in 2006, and in 2010 he became President Elect of the USA Council.

In addition to his Serra work, Kurt participates in various church activities, many oriented to vocations. Since 1977 he has served on the board of the Shalom Center

Kurt discussed the current conflict between the USA Council and Serra International. He said it was detracting us from our mission. An advisor is working with the USA Council, and it is hoped that the situation can be solved out of court. He feels that reasonable people sitting down together can solve the conflict.


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