Sr. Caroline's Talk on the Sisters of the Handmaids of the Holy Child of Jesus

Sr. Caroline is a member of the Handmaids of the Holy Child of Jesus. This is a congregation whose motherhouse is in Nigeria. The order was founded by Mother Mary Charles Magdalen Walker (Irish Sisters of Charity). She came to Nigeria in 1923 at the invitation of Bishop Joseph Shanahan (CSSP) of the Vicariate of Southern Nigeria.

There are five mission territories:

  • Cameroon Mission
  • England Mission
  • Germany Mission
  • Italian Mission
  • North American Mission (USA and Canada)

This order devotes itself primarily to teaching. In Nigeria, at the time of the order's founding, only boys went to school. Girls received an education if the came from wealthy or influential families.

Sr. Caroline, at the age of 4 was playing with her sister. She said to her sister she thought she would have several children, but then said she would never have these children. Was this an early sign?

At age 7 Sr. Caroline was sleeping, then heard a knock on the door. She answered, but never saw the person. This happened once again. Then there was a stirring in her heart that said “come, come” but she didn't know where she should go.

Then events led her to the convent, where she immediately realized this was the place she should be. In 1983 she professed, and made her final vows in 1992. She taught children, but encountered a setback when she lost he voice. This condition lasted for four years. Then after an auto accident her voice suddenly returned. This led her to work with the handicapped.

Sr. Carline said all of us have a calling, and when called we should answer. This calling may not be to the religious life. It could be to the married life, or single life. However what we do in our calling it should be in a good relationship with God, and we should all we can to be pleasing to Him. We should do the best we can, even if the thing we are doing is difficult.

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