The College Connection for Catholics Program
By David Dilger

This new program is designed to help high school students bound for college to find churches and other facilities in their college area. All of the Catholic high schools in the greater Houston Area were contacted ..... St. Thomas, Strake Jesuit, Mt. Carmel, St. Agnes, Incarnate Word, and Duschene Academy.

David was assigned to contact St. Thomas and the program was run through their theology classes. The students received the letter from Daniel Cardinal DiNardo explaining the program and an associated document explaining the whole program and a form to be filled out. It worked very well and of the 90 graduating seniors a reply from 80 was received.

In addition, a letter was sent to the parents, which further explained the program.

David told about when he took his daughter to Texas Tech. No one reached out to them, and a weekend was spent in the Yellow Pages trying to find a parish. The College Connection Program makes the process so much easier.

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