by Lee Vigil


Lee Vigil is a Serran. He loves being a Serran. He spoke about Focus, and the work dedicated to bringing back “slipped away” students to the faith.

Focus (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) is a national group. Focus is an outreach program addressing serous problems on college 60 campuses in 30 states and growing. These include situations wherein 80% of college students engage in sexual activity, leading to psychological difficulties in later life. Fifty percent of abortions are performed on women under age 25. Forty-three percent of college students report they are so depressed they have trouble functioning.

Focus also addresses the prevalent academic hostility toward the Catholic Church found on most campuses, and the moral relativism, which embraces the concept there is no absolute truth. Everything is relative and has to be proved, not just accepted. So, whatever you believe and what I believe is different, we are both right. Gay, lesbian, and transgender groups are also represented on many campuses.

The method Focus uses in their work is evangelization. This is in response to Pope John Paul II's call for “new evangelization”. Presently there are 250 full-time missionaries engaged with students on college campuses. Each missionary team consists of two men and two women. Focus has answers to the problems using the same “fishers of men” technique used by Jesus and the apostles in the early church. The students get the missionary spirit and bring others to bible studies.

Bible studies, community outreach, students praying together, and genuine friendships build the students relationship with God. One-on-one mentorship is also effective.

for more information on Focus visit their Website

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