Isaiah House
By Deacon Darrell Moulton

      Darrell Moulton has decided to go into “semi-retirement” after 16 years as a permanent deacon and devote his time to Catholic New Creation Corporation, a non-profit corporation, which he founded. This entity grew out of his archdiocesan position as Assistant Director of Correctional Ministries, where he and other administered to the needs of those in jail or prison. For more information on Darrells' work visit his August, 2006 presentation.

      Because of the 50% to 60% recidivism rate of those leaving incarceration within three years, Darrell felt the need to help those leaving prison to lead useful, crime-free lives. He put his plan to work and opened Isaiah House at 1912 N. Main, a leased facility where transitional living and job opportunities for four are being created. All funding for this enterprise is private. Government funding has not been requested.

      The startup is small and but concept is unique. The N. main facility will house only four. By next year it is hoped that another facility for ten will be opened.

      An applicant must be a documented practicing Catholic and not a sex offender to enter the program. An eight-page application is submitted, specifying who the person is and what he wants. If the applicant is accepted he will be assigned to a work, such carpenters, or plumbers, or other vocation. These groups work in Isaiah House, refurbishing and building, getting it ready for residents. (Presently housing is provided at another facility.) If a framing crew, for example can be trained, they will work at Isaiah House, then eventually for themselves. Forty-four Houston companies have said that if you refer these people to us, we will not discriminate against them because of their background.

      One of the requirements for those who will be housed in the facility is to attend AA or NA meetings.

      Eventually is hoped that another facility can be opened to house more than the four now planned. In addition, 22 acres in Needville are available, and it is hoped that an agreed-upon canonical order for ex-offenders could become a reality. This is a wonderful possibility.

      Serrans can assist Darrell in different ways. For example donating clothing will be appreciated, or making the goals of Isaiah house made known throughout the community.

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