Working with Prisoners
By Deacon Darrell Moulton

Deacon Darrell Moulton was ordained 20 years ago. His deaconate has been a wonderful spiritual time for him. He entered full-time ministry immediately where, by a winding path, he became a chaplain in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Darrell's concerns were initially about his family in terms of income, which turned out to be quite sufficient. He trusted in God, who said He would take care of those who take care of His people. His initial assignment was the prison in Rosharon, where he spent five-and-one-half years. Interestingly, RCIA programs are conducted in the prisons, and some prisoners become Catholics.

Because of the 50% to 60% recidivism rate of those leaving incarceration within three years, Darrell felt the need to help those leaving prison to lead useful, crime-free lives. He put his plan to work and opened Isaiah House at 1912 N. Main, a leased facility where transitional living and job opportunities for four are created. Catholics and non-Catholics are accepted. This was created in response to the question of what to do with prisoners when they are released. A new two-acre facility off 59 North was purchased for $110,000 and another $100,000 was spent for renovations. No serious issues have occurred. Darrell compared this activity with the raising of children.

Darrell said an ex-offender needs a voice. They shouldn't be penalized in so many ways because of a felony. This will involve changing laws and other activities to help those who have been released from prison.

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