From time to time various presentations made by BASC members and invited speakers will be placed on the Website.

Each presenter should submit a typed copy of their talk so as to preserve the Webmaster's sanity.

Troy L. Guy's Presentation "Answering the Call of Jesus" April 26, 2018

Carol Willenborg Tells About Divine Mercy February 25, 2016

Rich May's Talk on Mary Mother of the Eucharist August 27, 2015

District 10 Governor Larry Massey's Talk March 26, 2015

Rich May's Talk on Pope Francis and Vocations August 21, 2014

Chelsea Kettle'sw Talk on What Her Vocation Looks Like So Far June 26, 2014

Dan Kidd's Talk about Shalom Center May 22, 2014

Chelsea Kettle's Talk on RC Mission Corps August 22, 2013

Lee Vigil's talk on Focus April 26, 2012

Sr. Caroline's Talk March 22, 2012

Dan Kidd's talk on Shalom Center October 27, 2011

Kurt Medyko's Address My Life as a Serran August 25, 2011.

Margo Geddie, District 10 Governor visits BASC on September 23, 2010.

The College Connection Program Maryanne Bartos updates us on August 26, 2010 about the way the College Connection Program works and she gives us a roadmap on how BASC should proceed.

The Shalom Center Father Andre Estephan's talk on July 22, 2010 about what the Shalom Center does and how it does it.

The College Connection for Catholics Program David Dilger explains this important program, May 27, 1010.

Working with Prisoners Deacon Darrell Moulton's talk on his work with prisoners, March 26, 2010.

Spiritual Calling Sr. Roselle Haas' presentaion of may 22, 2008.

My Path to Sisterhood Sr. Ethyl Puno tells of her vocation path, August 23, 2007.

My Vocation Story Fr. Rick DiLeo tells how he became a priest, and the paths God has taken him on, July 26, 2007.

Isaiah House Deacon Darrell Moulton's unique rehabilitation plan for released ex-offenders, May 24, 2006

A Medical and Religious Life Ricca Dimalibot's tells of her path to being a nun and Medical Doctor, April 26, 2007

His Path to the Priesthood Seminarian Truc Nguyen tells about his circuitous journey to the priesthood, March 22, 2007

The Divine Mercy and the Life of Saint Faustina Helena Kowalska Dorothy Breidenstein's presentation on September 28, 2006

Prison Ministry Deacon Darrell Moulton's talk on August 31, 2006

Vatican II and the Call to Vocations April 27th 2006 presentation by /Rivh May

The Catholic Bishops' Position on Immigration February 23, 2006 talk by Deacon Joe Rubio, Ph.D.

How to Start a Parish Vocation Committee August 25, 2005 talk by Noli Nolasco

Father Jospeph Sedera's May 26, 2005 talk on Shalom Center

Fr. Richard Barker's April 28, 2005 talk on his conversion and vocations

Hector J. Ibarra's talk on The Holy Name of Jesus

Mike Montz's March 22, 2003 talk on Career Paths Young People Could Follow

Jerry Scrader's Decemer 2002 talk on Serra, its history, its purpose, its size, and some of its programs

Linda MacDonald's August 26, 2004 presentation of A Great Storm Remembered, the 1900 Galveston hurricane story.

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