Sr. Roselle Haas r.c.

Sr. Roselle Haas holds bachelor and master degrees in biology, chemistry, physics, and pastoral ministry/spirituality. She is a member of the Cenacle Sisters Community. Their retreat center is located on nine acres right off Buffalo Bayou. They offer approximately 100 programs per year, which include silent retreats, interactive retreats, and private retreats. The center also conducts training for spiritual directors. She is also on the Archdiocese Vocations committee.

Cenacle sisters are a world-wide community. In North America they are located in ten locations, which include New York, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Texas, Louisiana, and British Columbia.

Cenacle refers to the upper room where Jesus celebrated the Last Supper and where the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles after Jesus’ ascension. The lower-case initials r.c. refer to the Religious of the Cenacle founded in the 1820s in France.

When teaching high school students, Sr. Haas asks, “Who has a vocation?” No hands go up. That is because vocations are thought to be a “future thing.” However, everyone who has a vocation.

A vocation can be thought of as what you do. For example, when we are born we have been given the gift of language. But we do not yet know how to use it. The use of the gift is picked up over time from the environment, by hearing the language spoken and how it is used. We are being called to exercise our gift of Christian calling, which we received at Baptism.

Priests celebrate Mass and administer the sacraments. Lay people are involved in the various church ministries, such as lectors, Eucharistic ministers, or outreach and service.

Sisters serve the people of God through teaching, health care, and other ministries. Cenacle Sisters make Jesus known and loved through retreats and spiritual direction, to open doors to God's love.

Serrans foster vocations, their gift to the church.

Vocational gifts differ for each person, and can change through experience and discernment, which consists of listening invoking the counseling of friends and associates. Sr. Haas’ vocational journey began as a parish schoolteacher and, as she practiced the skills growing within her she progressed to a retreat presenter, spiritual director, and liturgist.

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